GED Michigan- FAQ

How to get a GED in Michigan?

Michigan is using three options for adults looking to get a high school equivalency (HSE) credential, the GED, TASC, and HiSET exams. The GED® test is entirely computerized and comes with four (4) independent subtests (modules) and the TASC and HiSET alternatives have five (5) subtests as the Literacy section comes with separate reading and writing tests.

The four GED modules cover the academic subject areas Math (Mathematical Reasoning), Science, Literacy (Reasoning through Language Arts), and Social Studies.

What are Michigan GED testing requirements?

In Michigan, GED applicants have to be 16 or older though, for 16 and 17-year-olds, restrictions apply. They need, for example, to have written permission from a parent/guardian as well as from their school district. GED testing in Michigan is not restricted to state residents and there’s no need to first take a GED practice test.

Who qualifies for the Michigan GED test?

All three HSE tests (GED, TASC, HiSET) give adults who could, for some reason, not finish their high school curriculum another chance to earn a certificate that’s all across America recognized as the equivalency of a high school diploma. The GED diploma is accepted in lieu of a common HS diploma by the vast majority of employers, educational institutions, and government agencies.

Where are Michigan GED online practice tests?

To be successful at the Michigan GED test, students should take numerous practice tests. Students opting for a traditional GED, HiSET, or TASC class will get many practice tests to get all set for the real thing and your local bookstore and library will also have many books with prep material and practice tests.

These days, however, many students prefer to take online GED practice tests offered on the internet, usually for free. Online study is a very popular way for students to become properly prepared for the Michigan HSE exam and it offers better opportunities for GED hopefuls that live in remote Michigan areas.

What does the Michigan GED cost?

In Michigan, the GED price tag is $150 ($37,50 per subtest). GED students need to create an account on the website and they have the liberty to take and pay for one of the GED modules at a time. This also counts for HiSET and TASC testing which is slightly cheaper. In Michigan, students are not required to first pass a practice test.

Where are Michigan GED online classes?

To get properly prepared through an online GED prep course is really great for students who know how to study independently as some self-discipline is required. Others may benefit more in a traditional classroom under the guidance of a teacher. Online learning has come a long way, though, and many students benefit greatly from online GED classes that offer highly efficient video instruction and practice tests. Online learning offers students the freedom to study when and where they prefer.

Is the Michigan GED offered on paper?

The Michigans GED test is entirely computer-based and paper-based testing is not available anymore. HiSET and TASC testing, however, is still offered both on a computer and on paper.

Is there an online Michigan GED test?

No, there is not a GED, TASC, or HiSET test, not in Michigan and not in the rest of the nation. The Michigan HSE (high school equivalency) test is administered at state-designated testing centers only. It is perfectly okay to use an online GED prep course to get ready for the Michigan HSE exam, but to take the actual tests, students must come to an official HSE testing site. Please note that not all Michigan test centers are offering all HSE alternatives so get properly informed.