GED Maryland- FAQ

How to get a GED in Maryland?

In Maryland, people wishing to get hold of their high school equivalency (HSE) credential, need to pass the four modules (or subtests) of the entirely computer-formatted GED® exam. The GED subtests are covering these fields: Social Studies, Language Arts, Math, and Science.

What are the Maryland GED testing requirements?

Maryland GED test-takers must be at least 16 years of age but for 16, 17, and 18-year-olds, restriction and requirements apply that vary by age but, in general, these underage applicants must have permission from their school districts and hold parental consent.

Who qualifies for Maryland GED testing?

The GED high school equivalency (HSE) exam is especially for persons that don’t hold a high school diploma. The GED program offers them another shot at securing a secondary education credential that’s regarded as equivalent to a regular high school degree and accepted as such by colleges and universities, employers, and governmental institutions.

Where are Maryland GED online practice tests?

GED hopefuls are recommended to take multiple practice tests if they want to be successful on the Maryland GED test. Students may want to attend a traditional GED prep class under the guidance of a teacher, or they may prefer to use GED prep books from a local library.

More and more students, however, prefer to learn by taking online GED practice tests. Online learning has become very popular and rightly so! This way, students can study when and where they want and it is a great solution for GED applicants that live in remote Maryland areas.

How much is the Maryland GED test?

The state of Maryland is subsidizing GED testing. In Marland, the GED price tag is $45 for the entire GED battery ($11,25 per individual subtest). GED testing in Maryland is only available for state residents and there’s no requirement to first pass a GED practice test. Registration must be done online at the website Students have the freedom to take (and pay for) one of the four subtests at a time.

Is there a Maryland online GED test?

No, online testing for the GED is not an option. The four GED subtests must be taken at a state-designated Maryland GED test center. Please bear in mind that online-acquired GED documents are absolutely worthless. They will never be accepted by schools and employers.

Online GED classes in Maryland?

Signing up for an online GED prep course is a great option for students getting ready for the Maryland GED test but keep in mind that online learning is for GED students who understand what it is like to study independently and self-discipline is absolutely required.

More and more GED hopefuls are opting for an online prep course as it offers lots of flexibility and allows for studying from the comfort of their homes and at times that fit them best. Following an online study program is also a fine solution for GED students who live in remote Maryland areas.