GED Maine- FAQ

How to get a GED in Maine?

People looking to earn their high school equivalency (HSE) credential in Maine need to take and pass the five (5) subtests of the HiSET exam (HiSET is short for simply High School Equivalency Test).

A few years back, Maine stopped using the GED® test for this purpose and switched to the HiSET exam. GED testing was only offered on a computer and the HiSET is not only cheaper, but it is also available both on paper and in a computer-based format. The HiSET subtests are covering the academic fields Science, Language Arts Writing, Social Studies, Math, and Language Arts Reading.

What are the Maine GED testing requirements?

Maine HiSET test-takers must be at least 17 years of age. There is no option for 16-year-olds to take the exam. Applicants must be Maine residents as the state subsidizes HiSET testing and applicants must first pass the official Maine HiSET practice test.

Who qualifies for the Maine GED test?

HiSET testing, like GED testing, is for adults who, for some reason, couldn’t complete their high school education. The HiSET program offers them another chance to secure an educational certificate that’s equivalent to a common HS degree. The Maine High School Equivalency (HSE) credential is recognized by virtually all schools of higher education, employers, and governmental agencies.

Where are Maine GED online practice tests?

To be successful at the challenging HiSET exam, applicants should take as many practice tests as they can. A traditional HiSET prep class will provide HiSET practice tests to help you to get set the Maine HiSET and also local libraries have HiSET prep books to get you ahead.

More and more students, however, are turning to online GED practice tests to get optimally prepared fast. Online courses have become popular and for good reasons. They offer lots of flexibility as students can learn from practically any place as long as there’s internet access and they can do so at times that they like best.

What is the Maine GED testing fee?

Maine offers, as one of only a handful of states, free HiSET testing to its residents. You’ll understand that therefore, state residency is required and all HiSET test-takers must first take and pass the Maine HiSET practice test.

Where are Maine Online GED classes?

HiSET applicants have several ways to prepare for the Maine HiSET exam. Some rather use books from the local library while others prefer to attend a physical class to study under the guidance of a tutor. But we see an increasing number of HiSET applicants that rather follow an online GED prep course to get all set for the Maine HiSET test.

Please be sure that the books you use or the online program of your choice is up-to-date and is aligned to the latest HiSET study content. Bear also in mind that online learning has definitely a number of advantages but also requires independent study skills. Studying online is a great solution for Maine HiSET applicants that live in remote areas.

Is there a Maine online GED test?

Online HiSET testing is not possible and GED testing is not offered over the internet as well! To get your Maine high school equivalency (HSE) diploma, you need to come to an official Maine HiSET testing center and sit for the exam in person.