GED Arizona- FAQ

How to get a GED in Arizona?

Arizona is using the GED (General Education Development) test for high school equivalency testing. The GED® exam is a computerized test that contains four individual subtests in Social Studies, Language Arts, Mathematics, and Science.

What are Arizona GED requirements?

The minimum age for GED testing in Arizona is 16 years old but for applicants 16 and 17 years of age, strict requirements apply. They must, for example, have permission from their school district and hold parent consent.

Who qualifies for the Arizona GED test?

The GED test is for persons who never finished their high school education. The test offers these individuals one more shot at acquiring a credential that is across North America accepted in the same way as a high school diploma.

Where are GED Arizona practice tests?

To be successful on the Arizona GED exam, taking practice tests is highly recommended. Physical GED prep classes use many practice tests to get the students ready for the exam and today, there are also many online GED practice tests available. Studying online for your GED diploma has become pretty popular and is actually a great solution for students in remote Arizona areas.

How much is the Arizona GED test?

The Arizona GED test costs $30 per individual subtest so $12o in total. You have the options to take and pay for one subtest at a time. Registration must be done online on the website

Online GED testing in Arizona?

There is no online GED testing option. The GED test is exclusively administered at official Arizona GED testing centers. Please note that online-obtained documents are totally worthless. They will definitely not be accepted by any employer or school.

Online GED classes in Arizona?

Getting all set for the GED test by signing up for an online GED prep course is often a great solution provided you can study independently. Online courses offer you a lot of flexibility as you can study from wherever you like and at any time that suits you best.