GED Academy

GED Academy, PassGED, and Essential Ed Course all refer to the same program.

This is one of the online GED programs available to students who want to pass the GED® test by studying online.

This program has been on the market for a long time, and many schools and libraries use this program. GED Academy is known for having specific features.

First of all, students don’t have access to all lessons upon joining the program.

They must achieve a certain mark in a practice quiz before being able to move to the next lessons. So, when you log in to your account, you will see only 1-2 lessons and a quiz.

This feature might be helpful to students who feel overwhelmed by the number of lessons they need to learn.

There are 80 hours of teaching materials but a student might need an extra 20 or 30 hours as the teaching is personalized to a student’s knowledge, say the admins of GED Academy.

The student can switch between subject areas and has access to additional lessons and resources for an independent study during the process.

As the student moves through the program, some lessons that need additional work will appear as review lessons.

At any one time, the student will have a recommended lesson and an alternative lesson to choose from.

When the student has gone through the learning plan, he or she will be given a timed GED practice test for that subject.

Check out also this video about passing the GED test in 2019:

If the student still needs more study, the system will generate a new learning plan. The system also offers extra credit studying for high-achieving students who want to increase their score.

Another specific feature is the way how the lessons are presented by cartoon characters. There are 4 characters and a virtual tutor. The cartoon characters are supposed to represent diverse societies of students.

Some students say these cartoon characters are condescending and there is a lot of drama (not related to learning) when others feel motivated by these stories presented by the cartoon characters.

I guess you need to check yourself if it works for you.

GED Academy has a friendly sign-up system; you pay as you go a $15 per month fee and you can quit any time.

The monthly fee gives you access to other courses such as Money Essential and Computer Essential.

You will also have access to some eBooks such as the GED Smartbook. This eBook explains how to plan and achieve your goals and motivate yourself.

There is also a chapter about test anxiety. It might be useful to know how to get rid of it because it can mess up good results.

Like any other online prep program, you can decide how much time you want to put into learning, maybe an hour a day or an hour a week. There are also longer practice tests that measure students’ readiness for the GED test.

You may also be interested in taking CLEP tests. There are some relatively “easy” CLEP tests, though because considering a test “easy” or “easiest” or “difficult” is so subjective. In general, though, a lot of students consider “Analyzing and Interpreting Literature” CLEP test as one of the so-called “easiest” CLEP tests probably because they don’t need to remember certain poems or texts.

Alternatives to GED Academy:

Although GED Academy (Essential Ed) is a popular program, there are many students who are looking for a program with a different approach.

So, here are alternatives:

Covcel GED Prep
Kaplan book 2018
USA test prep
Aztec Software
Mometrix book

Whatever you choose, just to keep in mind that you need to put in your time and energy. Without that, nothing will work.

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