The FSU MBA Program – With and No GMAT

Florida State’s College of Business offers various options to earn the highly respected MBA degree. The school offers an MBA program that includes fundamental courses to strengthen students’ managerial skills in a wide range of fields, from marketing and accounting to strategy and marketing.

After completing fundamental courses, students can round out their degree with courses that lead to a concentration in a certain field of business. The program includes also an overseas ‘global business seminar’ which will stimulate business perspectives from an international perspective.

Students can choose from these options:

    • Accelerated Full-time MBA
    • Evening Part-time MBA
    • Online Part-time MBA
    • Online Part-time MBA with Concentration in Real Estate
    • MBA Joint Degree with Law
    • MBA Joint Degree with Social Work

    Florida State University GMAT/GRE Waive Requirements

    FSU’s policy is that for exceptional applicants, the GMAT/GRE requirement can be waived if they meet at least ONE of these criteria:

    • Have completed a J.D., Master’s, M.D., or Ph.D. degree from an accredited school with at least a 3.0 GPA
    • Have at least eight years of relevant top-management experience and at least a 3.0 undergraduate GPA from an accredited school
    • Have LSAT score that is 160 or higher
    • Have passed all four sections the CPA exam and at least a 3.0 undergraduate GPA from an accredited school
    • Have passed the PE exam and at least a 3.0 undergraduate GPA from an accredited school

    FSU MBA Overview

    The Florida State MBA program will equip students with the expertise, skills, and a professional network that they cannot do without if they want to succeed in the modern-day globalized world of business.

    The FSU MBA is designed to meet the needs of highly motivated students who are looking for a competitive edge. The school’s College of Business boasts renowned faculty members and students will get a lot of personalized attention, and because the school is located in Florida’s state capital, MBA holders will have optimal access to the world of politics, industry, and many influential regulators and policymakers.

    The MBA program offers a highly innovative curriculum, and the school is renown for its career placement support and a strong network of alumni. Graduates from Florida State’s MBA program have secured top management positions at corporations such as Deutsche Bank, Accenture, Harris Corp, and CSX.

    FSU Accelerated Full-Time MBA
    The Florida State Accelerated full-time MBA program is offered in a one-year, 39 credit hours, on-campus format. The program is designed especially for students who are well-organized, disciplined, and open to fast-paced challenges. Students will enhance their business skills and work together with a small group of peers in a setting that will boost creativity and their problem-solving capabilities.

    The school’s world-famous faculty are all experts in their specific fields of business and research. On-campus MBA students have these concentrations to choose from: Analytics (on-campus), Accounting (on-campus), Supply Chain Management (on-campus), Finance (on-campus), Management Information Systems (online), Real Estate (online), and Risk Management & Insurance (2 track options: Financial Planning or Risk Management – online).

    FSU’s joint degrees with the College of Social Work (part-time MBA) and College of Law (full-time MBA) do not come with have concentrations, and please note that for online courses additional fees apply. The application deadline for summer entry is March 1.

    FSU Evening Part-time MBA
    The Florida State part-time MBA is a 39 credit hour program that comes with exactly the same rigor as the school’s highly respected full-time MBA program and includes the same courses.

    The part-time MBA program takes seven semesters to complete and is geared towards working professionals and tuition may be waived for qualifying Florida State employees giving them the chance to earn a great graduate business degree at hardly any cost. The same concentrations are possible as with the full-time MBA program. The application deadline for spring entry is October 1, for summer entry March 1, and for fall entry June 1.

    Online Part-time MBA
    The Florida State online part-time MBA is a 39 credit hour program that you can do from the convenience of your office or from your home. You can enhance your knowledge of contemporary business and boost your skills while collaborating with highly motivated peers in a setting that focuses on problem solving and creativity.

    The courses are taught by the same top instructors as on-campus courses, and this affordable option is ideal for busy professionals and mobile military personnel. Completion of this MBA program requires seven semesters. Online students have the following options to customize their MBA: General MBA with concentrations in Supply Chain Management, Business-to-Business Sales & Marketing, Investment Management & Analysis, and Fundamentals of Risk & Insurance.

    Students also have the option to specialize in Real Estate (focus on real estate finance & analysis), Risk Management & Insurance, or Management Information Systems. Application deadlines are March 1, June 1, and October 1.

    Online part-time MBA (Specialization in Real Estate)
    FSU’s online Real Estate MBA is a 39 credit hour program that focuses on all aspects of real estate finance & analysis. This is one of America’s largest MBA real estate programs that prepare students effectively to master the continuously changing world of real estate.

    Florida State’s Real Estate MBA Program is ranked among the nation’s best and students will enhance their competencies via the school’s famous Center for Real Estate Education and Research and also through the many forums in which scholars and executives share insights and exchange ideas. Application deadlines are October 1 for spring entry, March 1 for summer entry, and June 1 for fall entry.

    MBA/JD Joint Degree
    In this program, students will learn intensively in what way and to what extent the law governs matters as the responsibility of business managers towards the owners, what it takes to finance business ventures, and what management of business and financial risk includes. Students will complete both graduate courses from FSU’s College of Business and the school’s College of Law.

    Graduates will generally be functioning as corporate counsel or business leaders throughout the nation. Students will usually follow the accelerated, full-time MBA program during their second year. Application deadline is March 1.

    MBA/MSW Joint Degree
    This highly sought-after degree (a collaboration between FSU’s College of Business and the school’s College of Social Work) is geared towards students wishing to advance their knowledge and understanding of both professional fields.

    Applicants are required to have excellent academic qualifications as well as extensive and exceptional professional experience to qualify for this on-campus program. The part-time program starts in the fall and it takes seven semesters to complete. Application deadline is May 1.


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