How to find solitude at college

If you’re a shy person who needs your own space and time to wind down, dorm life will definitely take its toll on you. With all of the people coming and going, anyone who’s introverted will inevitably feel the need for some alone time to relax and wind down.

Depending on how many roommates you have and how they act, this can be easy or it can be tough. Some roommates can live together, each doing their own thing, and be perfectly happy.

Others feel a constant need to interact with each other or with other people, keeping you from the downtime that you need.

The best place to go when you really need at some time is the library.

Even though the library will still have plenty of people in it, everyone there is doing their own thing. You can easily curl up in a corner with a nice book or your laptop and just relax. You don’t need to tell anyone you’re going to be there — just go there after class or after dinner or something and relax as long as you need to. If you got a part-time job, check how your hourly pay relates to a normal salary by using this awesome paycheck calculator. See if it helps you find your peace.

Alternatively, you can also go for a walk, go into town, and so forth. You don’t always have to have somebody with you. When your roommate is in class, that’s also a great time to have the room to yourself.

A little bit of solitude here and there is nice and all, but be careful about how much you isolate yourself — even if you’re introverted, a little bit of socializing never hurts and will actually help you feel better about yourself in general.

Keeping a calendar is crucial in college

With tons of midterm dates, finals, varying class schedules, homework due dates, and various other events going on, it’s easy to forget a few important dates and miss out on something important.

Last year I learned how important it was for me to keep an active calendar going, one where I could plot out events that I could otherwise forget.

Before I started keeping a calendar, I would occasionally forget that my homework was due the next day or that it was a friend’s birthday.

I found that my best bet to keep track of everything was a calendar. Since I personally spend a ton of time on the computer, I wanted one that would integrate nicely with my computer and that I’d see often. I discovered that there was a program that did this well —Rainlendar.

Rainlendar allows me to easily enter dates, events, and other items and keep track of them. It’s easy to add recurring events, and it looks downright sexy.

This isn’t meant to be a Rainlendar advertisement, though, but rather to encourage you to keep a calendar. If using your computer works best, use that. If you need a paper calendar, use that. If you like a small planner, use that. As long as you’re active in writing down the dates you need to remember and as long as you check the calendar frequently, you’ll be okay.


At different stages of our school career we have to defeat our competitors to achieve our career goal. Over the years due to limited number of seats the intensity of the competition has increased many folded. Situations have become more difficult because now everybody has become career conscious and try to make the best use of the situation.

To stand out in the crowd it is important to have proper plan to prepare for the competitive exam with the right strategy and proper hard work . Here are few basic steps that should be followed to

Preparation Steps for Competitive Exams

  1. It is important to led a disciplined life
  2. Time Management is important
  3. Draw a proper routine to cover up the whole syllabus
  4. Collect proper notes and reference books for in-depth study
  5. Practice by clearing as many exams as possible , also consult the previous examination question papers
  6. Refer to proper guidance or professional help to apply the most effective and faster way to solve any question
  7. Mental stability, determination , confidence is essential

Often we spend a lot of time in doing in-depth study which can be controlled by dividing the topic under several subheads to cover the whole topic easily.