Criminal Investigator Jobs

To become a Criminal Investigator, you must be problem solvers, be able to effectively interact with and educate people, and be active

Investigators with extensive experience may earn promotions to special units or to high-ranking administrative positions. An advanced degree also benefits those seeking a promotion. The annual salary for investigators depends on education, experience, and geographic location. To discover if this career is for you, take one of our quizzes.

Criminal Investigator Salary

  • Average Salary: $60,500
  • Expected Lifetime Earnings: $2,610,000

Criminal Investigator – Education

Students in Criminal Justice take a wide variety of courses. Students will need to take psychology and sociology as well as police science and constitutional law. The majority of the courses you would take will also depend on what field of interest you plan on focusing on. To be successful in this field, you need to have completed at least a bachelor’s degree in criminal science though a master’s degree may provide better career options.

Criminal Justice is not for everyone. You must uphold certain personal characteristics that are vital to all people who enter careers in criminal justice. You need to honest, must use good judgment, have integrity, and be responsible. Many people enter this career path because they want to serve their community and uphold what is right in society. This career option may be your perfect ticket if you would like to become a correctional officer, police officer, or for example security guard.

Criminal Investigator – The Job

Criminal justice is the practice of learning the techniques and policies to deter crime, uphold public safety, and to apprehend those who violate state and federal laws. The American criminal justice system has three parts: Law enforcement, the court system, and the correction institutions. You need to have specific skills and qualities to be successful in this profession.

What Are The Different Criminal Justice Careers?

If you are interested in Criminal Justice there are a number of different career paths you can take, it all depends on your preferences.

Law Enforcement Careers

Animal Cruelty Investigator: An Animal Cruelty Investigator responsibility would be to investigate reports of animal abuse and take the animals away from abusive situations.

County Sheriff: A County Sheriff is in charge of the law enforcement in their designated jurisdiction.

Detective: A detective is an investigator who tries to figure out the person who is responsible for breaking the law.

Narcotics officer: A Narcotics officers investigate narcotics-related crimes and enforce state and federal narcotics laws.

Police Officer: A Police Officer maintains law and order, collects evidence of crimes committed, and helps uphold the public safety.

State Trooper: State Troopers fill the gap between the local police force and the nationwide law enforcement. They patrol state highways and rural areas and help protect state officials.

Federal Law Enforcement Careers

ATF Agent  An ATF Agent is responsible for enforcing the laws concerning the sale of Alcohol, tobacco, and firearms.

Border Patrol Agent: A Border Patrol Agent enforces laws according to the Immigration and Nationality Act. They are a department of Homeland Security.

CIA Agent: A CIA Agent is responsible for monitoring and deterring any potential threats to the United States by collecting and analyzing information from around the world.

DEA Agent: DEA Agents enforce laws that deal with controlled substances. They stop illegal trafficking of drugs into the United States through surveillance and undercover operations.

U.S. Marshal: U.S. Marshals are the enforcement branch of the U.S. federal courts. Their responsibilities are to transport federal prisoners, protect federal court officials, seek out fugitives of justice, and serve subpoenas, summons, and warrants. U.S. Marshals are apart of the executive branch of the United States government.

Federal Air Marshal : Federal Air Marshals duty is to provide security to the general public on airplanes. They are apart of the Transportation Security Administration (TSA). Air Marshals are to blend in with passengers and use their training to investigate and deter terrorist activities on airplanes.

FBI Agent: FBI agent’s primary responsibilities are to investigate people suspected of violating federal law and provide national security to U.S. citizens. They play a major role in counterterrorism and counterintelligence.

Immigration Officer: An Immigration Officer is part of TSA and Homeland security. Their primary responsibilities are to screen all applicants trying to gain entrance into the United States. They provide information to the public about the laws and regulations pertaining to immigration.

Secret Service Agent: Secret Service Agent’s have two primary roles, to protect US officials and to guard the legitimacy of the United State currency. They are assigned to protect the President and the Vice President, Past Presidents and Vice Presidents, immediate family of the president, and foreign embassies. The secret service also safeguards the US currency by investigating major frauds and counterfeiting attempts.

Correctional Careers
Corrections Officer: Correction Officers supervise convicted criminals in the penitentiaries around the country. Their roles are to maintainmate security and prevent inmates from escaping.

Federal Correctional Officer
Federal Probation Officer
Juvenile Probation Officer
Parole Officer
Probation Officer

Criminology degrees could be a great start in career advancement if you feel like your calling is to help others be safe in their communities. You very well may take a personality and career quiz at no cost and see if a career in criminal justice is right for you.

Top Criminal Justice Colleges

1. University of Maryland–College Park

2. University at Albany—SUNY

3. University of Cincinnati

4. University of Missouri–St. Louis

5. Pennsylvania State University–University Park

6. University of California—Irvine

7. Florida State University

8. Michigan State University

9. Rutgers, the State University of New Jersey—Newark

10. CUNY–John Jay College

11. Temple University

12. Arizona State University

13. Northeastern University

14. University of Florida

15. University of Pennsylvania

Top Online Criminal Justice Schools

1. US Career Institute

2. Salem University Online

3. Virginia College Online

4. Lincoln College Online

5. University of Phoenix

6. Everest University Online

7. Salem University Online


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