Computer Science Major- Software Development Manager

Computer science grads are in high demand. Start exploring computer science career paths with this list of common jobs for CompSci-
majors. To learn if this career path is right for you, you can take a free career aptitude quiz.

  • Average Salary: $99,500
  • Expected Lifetime Earnings: $4,201,000

Software Development Manager

Software engineers can work quickly and successfully on software products. They are responsible for providing maintenance on any software products that may malfunction, and they may also develop new software.

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Chief Information Officer (CIO)

Computer Science specialists highly sought-after in all sorts of industry, and the high reputation of U.S. Computer Science schools has resulted in fantastic funding for their research and development departments. Many graduates of Computer Science are considered for a CIO  position.

Chief Information Officer (CIO) is a job title commonly given to the most senior executive in an enterprise responsible for the information technology and computer systems that support enterprise goals. Six-figure salaries are the norm for Chief Information Officers in the United States, with median pay hovering around $150K per year.

Computer Science is the study of how information is organized and computed to run software that supports for example games and the internet. This knowledge is use to create better programming and improve what is already established. If you want a high paying job, get a computer science degree. In today’s job market computer science majors are a hot commodity.

Computers are a major part of daily life in the today’s world. More jobs are being created as businesses become more sophisticated with the technology they use. It only benefits businesses to have more employees have a background in computer science as they become more and more reliant on technology.


The easiest way to get started is to take computer science courses in college. Having even the most fundamental knowledge will serve you well in the technology dependent world of today. There are a number of different subfields you could focus on in computer science. Examples are: Algorithms, Applications, Artificial intelligence, Computer programming, Computer graphics, Data structures, Networking, Operating systems, Programming languages, and Software engineering.

Among today’s most popular fields and lucrative jobs is the professional sector of computer science. An important reason for this popularity lies in the fantastic career outlooks in computer science, this draws many to this exciting professional field. Computer Science is among the best-funded and best-respected sectors of study in the U.S. academic world, and careers in this field are high in-demand, and stable and lucrative options for college graduates.

Income Potential

Computer Science graduates can expect pretty high starting salaries and the range of possible computer science jobs is extremely wide. The sector offers a very stable career field, as their knowledge is highly sought-after for numerous applications across practically all types of industry. Over the past decades, the number of computer science positions has steadily increasing. The U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) has reported that during the last decade, actually almost half of all new jobs in the U.S. were in some way computer science-related.

Because computer science graduates remain high demand, students can be sure to secure well-paying jobs in this lucrative professional field. Most universities have computer science departments that report their graduates’ placement rates above a fantastic 85 percent, and this number is far above the average.

Computer Science graduates are actually among the highest paid professional, and in 2014, the earnings of these professionals was around $61,000 for IT network administrators. $82,500 for software developers, $86,000 for software test engineers, and $99,500 for senior software engineers.

Top Computer Science Schools

1. Carnegie Mellon University

2. Massachusetts Institute of Technology

3. Stanford University

4. University of California–Berkeley

5. Cornell University

6. University of Illinois–Urbana-Champaign

7. University of Washington

8. Princeton University

9. University of Texas–Austin

10. Georgia Institute of Technology

11. California Institute of Technology

12. University of Wisconsin–Madison

13. University of Michigan–Ann Arbor

14. University of California–Los Angeles

15. University of California–San Diego

16. University of Maryland–College Park

17. Columbia University

18. Harvard University

19. University of Pennsylvania

20. Brown University

Top Online Computer Science Schools

1. Drexel University Online

2. Nova Southeastern University Online

3. University of Maryland University College Online

4. Walden University Online

5. DeVry University Online

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