Coal to Diamond?

There are a lot of people who think that diamonds are made through a sort of metamorphism of coal deep in the earth.

This idea is pretty strong and seems to be a continuing story when students learn about “how diamonds are formed” in quite a few science classes.

Coal has hardly ever (if at all) played any role when it comes to forming diamonds. Most diamonds that could be dated are actually much older than any plant found on Earth and plants are coal’s source material!

That fact alone should actually be enough evidence for silencing the discussion as to the idea that coal is at the basis of diamond deposits in our Earth!

Another issue with the strange idea is that coal lies at the basis of forming diamonds is that coal seams are sedimentary rocks usually occurring as more or less horizontal rock units and that diamond source rocks consist of vertical pipes that are full of igneous rocks.

There are basically four processes that are responsible for practically all-natural diamonds found near the surface of the Earth and of these four processes, only one is accounting for almost 100% of the entire volume of diamonds ever mined.

The other three processes are insignificant when it comes to commercial diamonds but all four processes rarely, if ever, are involved in the forming of coal.

The general belief is that most deposits of commercial diamonds are formed through deep-source volcanic eruptions that delivered the diamonds right to the Earth’s surface.

During volcanic eruptions, magma is traveling at high speed from deep within the Earth’s mantle and when it passed through a diamond-rich zone on its way to the surface, rock from these diamond stability zones is torn free to be carried upwards with the magma. We refer to those pieces of rock as “xenoliths” and these may well contain diamonds.

How to tell if a diamond is real?

The beauty of diamonds is that it magnetizes and stimulates people to own one of these amazing gemstones. There are so many diamond jewelers that offer their gems both offline and online and you really can buy a diamond that fits your needs and budget. But you really should have some understanding of diamonds before you purchase your gem. Today, the market is overflown with fake diamonds and chances are you might lose your hard-earned dollars by buying phony stuff.

So it is vital to put diamonds under the following test before you buy diamond jewelry. With the help of a fog test, you can find out whether the diamond is real or fake. Hold the diamond and blow some air from your mouth on it. If the diamond is real then the fog will vanish instantly. But on a fake diamond, the fog will stay for a few seconds.

Like with all industries, the diamond mining industry is working hard to ensure that renewable is affordable, also when it comes to the production of diamonds.

With the help of ultraviolet radiation, you can easily test the purity of your diamond. A real diamond will release blue light when ultraviolet light is passed through it. Using a diamond tester is another way to find the difference between a real and a fake diamond. It is an electronic tester. Most of the fake diamonds are cubic zirconia. It looks like a real diamond but the weight of cubic zirconia is 50% more than of a real diamond of the same size.

Diamonds jewelry is the best way to give a message of love to your partner. Most people agree that a diamond tells thousand of words. The great beauty of these precious stones symbolizes your emotions and feelings. Diamonds are valuable, rare, and superb and that’s the main reason that many love to have one or more of this sparkling type of gems. They are true investments financially and in the heart as well.

When buying diamond jewelry whether it is a ring, necklace, earrings, watch, or any other ornament, the reputation of the jeweler should be of utmost importance. This will be the gift that your sweetheart will love, cherish and respect for all her/his life and it’s a constant reminder of you. It’s not easy to select the best diamond but with careful planning and searching, it can be picked out.

Make sure that the jeweler you decide is a member of the American Gem Society. Diamond jewelry offered by the members of this society gives assurance of the best quality. There are many jewelers who demonstrate their products under bright lights or use different colored lights to make the diamond seem more brilliant than it actually is. So ask the jeweler to show the diamond in natural daylight.