Captivating Career Spotlight: A Great Degree in Mathematics

Today, most of us are very conscious about our career options, and the sole reason for this is the growing competition and the scarcity of good jobs. While most students nowadays opt for something that is more profession-driven, like a degree in medicine, engineering and technical fields, vocational courses, etc, the conventional fields of education, like mathematics and arts, still have a number of bright opportunities that we often tend to overlook!

For example, if you have an interest in mathematics and are planning to pursue a career in this stream, there are a number of very well paid and well-secured positions mentioned below in this career blog that you may find yourself active in later on!

Consider the following job roles for instance:

  • Mathematics teacher or professor
  • Scientist
  • Banking professional or payroll clerk
  • Tax department professional
  • Accountant
  • Designer or architect
  • Financial adviser
  • Technical calculator

A degree in mathematics can offer you a number of specialized openings in the future. Starting from a government job to a respectable position in any big business or firm, you may find yourself an important person with some serious responsibility and a highly satisfactory salary. You can also be a freelancer and get a high hourly paycheck. Claculate here if this will do for you

Math Is Easy for some people
Math Is Easy for some people

In fact, if you are thinking about further studies, there are a number of degrees, diplomas, and programs that you can opt for with regards to mathematics. Most scientific inventions involve a huge amount of calculations, and you can find yourself useful in such situations as well.

Therefore, as mentioned in this career blog,  your options are plenty if you think of studying mathematics and becoming a mathematician in the future. If mathematics is what interests you the most, look around a bit and find out the most interesting and useful program to offer your career the right exposure to mathematics!

The Wall Street Journal indicates that a position as Mathematician is still regarded as one of the best “Jobs of All Jobs”. Mathematicians earn an annual median salary of some $95,000, and according to that list, the top-3 positions were Mathematician, Actuary, and Statistician. It is generally known that out of the six best jobs, the five considered “best of the best” (in terms of autonomy, little stress, decent compensation, and market demand) are all mathematics-related. The 15 best-paying college degrees have all one common aspect, they all are math skills jobs.

A Math degree will lead to many job options, Here are some positions that are directly related to a degree in mathematics. You can become an operational researcher, actuary, mathematical scientist, teacher at a secondary school, or statistician. But that’s not all. There are quite a few positions where a degree in math can be very useful. Just think of jobs such as aerospace engineer, corporate investment banker, investment analyst, chartered accountant, insurance underwriter, meteorologist, software tester, or quantity surveyor.

It is important to know that most employers are hiring degree holders from any academic field, so there are many more jobs available than just the ones mentioned in this list. Fact is, though, that a degree in math will get you ahead in many professional fields. To be sure you make the right decision, take a career quiz and discover more about your personality.