How Can You Sell Music and Lyrics Online

If you are a songwriter or thinking about becoming one, it is important to know where you can sell your lyrics or music online. This post contains a listing of websites that enable you to sell your lyrics or music online. Y

ou may get paid for writing song lyrics or music for some other artist, and you also can receive payments for selling your song lyrics or your own music. Check out these sites:

Ditto Music is offering you the best deals and the best service in this business. You, the artist, need to pay a modest fee upfront to make sure your songs or music will be available on dozens of online platforms and stores such as Amazon, Spotify, iTunes, and eMusic. You also are offered the option to establish your own record label and be eligible for rankings and charts across the globe.

You will be able to sell your lyrics or music on a pre-release basis and take full advantage of all sorts of fascinating and rewarding Ditto features. An important element is that at all times you keep your music and lyrics rights and that you keep one hundred percent of all royalties that your work will generate.

If you are a writer of lyrics, poems, or songs, and you wish to become the writer of hit songs, this platform may be very helpful to sell your lyrics or songs. You can determine by yourself for what amount you want to sell your lyrics or songs, and you will receive one hundred percent of the revenue if you sell your work. is all about helping poets, songwriters, or lyricists become successful in songwriting.

Fanmusic is on online platform of an impressive music community which was established in 2012 where each post is getting a review by the site’s members. All reviews include a comment on the work that you posted and also a rating of your work. Fanmusic is using a rating scale of six stars where “1” is the worst rating, and “6” stands for the best rating. members also are offered the option to sell their work, and if they sell their music or lyrics, there is no commission and all payments are done via PayPal. The members of this platform are keeping full copyright to all their work that is uploaded. 

The website Songbay offers a one-of-a-kind music service. It is the online market place for everybody who is working on a professional basis within the music industry. Songbay is a great platform for everyone who holds an interest in sourcing, buying, selling, or licensing lyrics or music. Songbay is the website that brings all those professionals together under one umbrella. To see if the world of songwriting and lyric writing could be right for you, you can always take a free aptitude test.

ASCAP is the American Society of Composers, Authors, and Publishers. If you join ASCAP you may start the registration process of your lyrics or songs, you can collect performance royalties from your work, and benefit from a great number of exclusive benefits for you career.

ASCAP is the only U.S. member-owned organization for performing rights and the organization is totally free from any conflict of interests. All that ASCAP does is targeted towards serving its members throughout their lives in music, from the collection and distribution of royalty payments  to strengthening and protecting copyright, and supporting and developing its members’ careers. ASCAP charges a one time membership application fee ($35), but that’s all, there are no further annual dues.

Songcastmusic can be a great help as they make selling your lyrics and music online a lot easier thanks to all the tools they offer for the promotion of your work. is providing affordable and streamlined music distribution services. Their services enable artists and labels to release their music into key digital stores like AmazonMP3, iTunes, Spotify, Google Play, Emusic, Rhapsody, or MediaNet.

This list is far from complete, but if you need help with publishing your poems, music, or lyrics, I’m pretty sure you can find here what you’re looking for. Pick out the one that you think is best for you, and I’m positive that you will be able to enjoy a fantastic career in the world of music.