Best GMAT Prep

When you’re looking for the best GMAT (Graduate Management Admission Test) prep courses, you want to look, for example, who is using top-notch study materials, or which course suits your budget. In general, we cannot say that this or that prep course is the best, as all providers have something to their advantage and vice versa. Not all MBA programs require the GMAT, though extensive experience will be needed. For information on MBA programs that don’t require the GMAT click here.

If you live in a region where in-person or on-campus GMAT courses are not available, or when you prefer to study at your own schedule and from wherever you want, an online GMAT course may be an excellent option. Basically, you can find two kinds of online courses: live online courses and on-demand courses.

An on-demand course is great for students who rather study at their own pace or who have hectic schedules, while live online courses are perfect alternatives to traditional courses because they are allowing for live interaction with instructors and provide individualized assistance when needed. Several of the below-reviewed courses are offering both kinds of online GMAT prep courses and include study materials to get a full understanding of what you can expect on the GMAT.

The Graduate Management Admission Test is totally different from any test that you’ve been taking throughout your academic life. The GMAT exam is computer-adaptive and designed to provide admission committees of business school a credible assessment tool of applicants’ knowledge and skills, and their ability to be successful in their MBA program.

The GMAT exam comes with four sections (Quantitative, Verbal, Analytical Writing, and Integrated Reasoning) and you will receive separate scores for each section. The exam is scored on a scale that runs from 200 to 800, and you will have three and a half hours to complete all four sections. There are many good preparation options available, but let’s take a closer look at what some providers offer.

Kaplan offers the ‘Classroom Anywhere’ programs so you can have all the benefits of a traditional course together with the convenience of studying when and where you want. When you’re logged in, you can see and interact with your instructor, the assistants, and your fellow classmates. Topics and issues are displayed on virtual whiteboards, so you can follow every step in the process.

Just as with a traditional GMAT course, online students will take nine GMAT practice tests during the course, and can benefit from more than 5,000 business issues. Kaplan’s online AdvantagePlus course also includes on-demand courses and a couple of hours of 1-on-1 tutoring with Kaplan’s GMAT instructors. Students who want to study on their own may benefit from Kaplan’s self-study packages.

Kaplan’s in-class and online GMAT courses have a student-teacher ratio of 10 to 1, though class size may vary by location. If for example, a class contains 20 students in total, two instructors will be assigned to that class. Personalized instruction is key when it comes to understanding all study material and apply this on test day, as each person’s strengths and weaknesses are different.

Veritas Prep
Veritas Prep offers GMAT prep courses both in-person and online. All course formats are including live instruction for 36 hours by recognized GMAT instructors who additionally provide two hours per day online support, every single day of the week. This service will give you the 1-on-1 assistance that is highly valued.

This online support is also including twelve full GMAT practice tests and free access to over 3,000 GMAT questions in Veritas Prep’s online Question Bank. Interaction in lectures is done much like Kaplan does it in their online courses, and you can benefit from the live chat tool that’s available for direct communication with your instructor and fellow students.

Veritas Prep also offers a great on-demand GMAT course which contains video instruction that covers all major topics addressed in live online and in-person classes. You can follow these videos on your computer or iOS device. Your study account is synced to the cloud automatically to allow you to pick up your learning right where you left. Also, this self-study option comes twelve GMAT practice tests and unlimited access to Veritas Prep’s Question Bank where you can benefit from hands-on practice. Here you can find the sort of questions that you’ll find on the GMAT exam.

The Princeton Review
The Princeton Review’s online GMAT courses come with groundbreaking technologies that allow for easy interaction within your virtual classroom. The GMAT instructors can swiftly share files with their students, and the course’s built-in chat allows you to ask any questions that may arise during your lessons. There is a virtual whiteboard that allows you to get actively involved as the instructor will address all sorts of problems and issues step by step, and when you wish to ask your instructor any question in private, you can use a breakout chat room that’s specifically created for that sort of instances.

The online GMAT course from the Princeton Review is covering also 27 hours of study material, just like the in-person course, and comes with the same study tools and resources. The online course also includes ten GMAT practice tests and a great online question bank. In case you need to miss a class, no need to get worried as all class sessions are recorded and saved to your personal account.

This also enables you to go back and forth to watch these video lesson anytime you want or when you have some extra free time. In case you encounter something you don’t quite understand, you can always contact your GMAT instructor as they have 30 office hours each week.

Manhattan GMAT
Manhattan GMAT is offering a wide variety of GMAT prep courses to suit the schedule of any student, though the organization’s private tutoring may be out of reach for those with smaller budgets. Manhattan GMAT offers several in-person and online GMAT prep courses, but their GMAT Complete Course is their most popular GMAT preparation program.

This course includes 27 hours of in-class lessons and 27 hours of tutoring, six GMAT practice tests, and several online study materials. You can also sign up for a private tutoring program if you think that you will benefit more from personalized instruction, or take a self-paced study course when you want to study at your own pace and on your own schedule.
For students who are pressed for time, a Boot Camp Course might be interesting. These boot camps are intense and highly focused GMAT prep courses that take two full weeks and contain 35 hours of personalized instruction. Manhattan GMAT is also offering specialized workshops that address only one particular section of the GMAT exam, and this could be a cost-effective option for you if just one part of the GMAT exam causes you problems.

New GMAT applicants may also explore the free GMAT preview sessions offered by Manhattan GMAT where they can learn all about the exam’s format and the best strategies to get a higher score. There’s also a Trial Class, which gives you a feel for what you’ll get if you sign up for their full-length GMAT prep course.

If you want information about MBA programs in Europe and the U.S.  that do not require the GMAT, click here.