Best ACT Prep Books

This is a post about the best books to help you to get all set for the ACT test.

The ACT test is a standardized testing method to produce an objective assessment of the knowledge and skills of the test taker. You can also say that the ACT test measures a test taker’s ability to process new information and learning aptitude rather than what they already know. Now if you now have a part-time job and like to find out how your modest hourly compensation would translate to a full weekly or monthly salary, you can use this awesome paycheck calculator.

If you develop a good learning strategy, you will succeed at the test. With this in mind, we hereby offer you our choice for the best ACT prep books:

ACT Prep Black Book – This is a book every student should read. You will learn all about some ‘hacks’ to pass the ACT test. The book will teach you that the ACT is designed as a standardized, predictable test, and in what way you can take advantage of this. This book will explain to you the best way to develop a strategy to be able to rule out all incorrect answer options. Here you will get explained practical strategies that appear to be more useful and helpful than in other prep books. They explain clearly and in a pretty straightforward way how you should be approaching the questions.

Beware: besides this great book you will also require videos and maybe some extra theory books like the ‘Official ACT Prep Guide’. Free online classes for ACT prep are found here.

Official 2017-18 ACT Prep Guide

If you plan on taking the ACT, you should take a closer look at ‘The Official ACT Prep Guide’ (2017-2018 edition). This book is the only one that comes with ‘copyrighted’ or official ACT practice tests, the ones that were actually used by the ACT test developers in previous years. The 2016-17 edition is actually the only one that includes new essay prompts.

Beware: though this book initially got pretty low reviews on Amazon, it really is a good starter book for students. It should also be available at your local library.

Manhattan Prep – The Advanced ACT Book

Manhattan Prep’s hefty ACT Practice Book (5lb’s) is a must-have for students who want tons of ACT practice tests. The book is really a monster that comes with more than 1100 pages of ACT test prep material. The book really allows students to identify and target their weaker subject fields, though it could be too much for some. The book is great for those students who want to prepare super-intensively.

Kaplan – ACT General Study Book 

Kaplan’s ACT prep book will help you know exactly what you can expect on the ACT, so if you follow the book’s guidelines, you can easily concentrate on what you should know. The better you understand what to expect on a test, the more likely you will be to perform at a level that is accurately reflecting your overall knowledge, skills, and preparation achievement in those areas it is measuring.

If you know what to you can expect, any nervousness that you may feel will be reduced when testing day comes. This kind of knowledge will not only make you feel more comfortable, it will also help keep your performance on test day from being hampered unfairly by outside factors, such as feeling worried about what will be next.

Mometrix ACT Flashcard Study System

if using flashcards works well for your preparation, check out Mometrix flashcards. They cover all ACT’s major content areas, and these concept cards come with in-depth explanations. You won’t be seeing 1-word answers that will urge you to go through a textbook again to see what’s meant. All cards have thorough, generous explanations, meaning that if you didn’t get it, you will surely understand the concept when you’ll read the back of the card.

ACT exam overview

The ACT is an exam that measures your skills, knowledge, and understanding of concepts you are supposed to have learned in courses you have completed when you apply for college. All the assessed material was taught over the course of several years, so you will need some time to review everything when you take the ACT.

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You’ll probably need more than just a night or two to get all set for the ACT, and the listed books should be helpful to make you feel more comfortable by the time you actually have to take the ACT. We hope these books will help you to understand the matter and let you gauge how much studying and reviewing you need to do.

  • The ACT exam lasts 3 hours and 40 minutes and includes some 215 questions, all multiple-choice.
  • The ACT English section lasts 45 minutes and includes 75 questions. This part of the ACT exam measures your rhetorical and standard written English skills.
  • The ACT Math part takes 60 minutes and includes 60 questions to measure a student’s mathematical skills that are usually acquired in high school courses that were taken at grade 12.
  • The ACT Reading section takes 35 minutes and contains 40 questions. This section of the test is measuring a student’s reading comprehension.
  • The ACT Science part comes also with 40 questions and the allotted time is 35 minutes. The Science part is measuring the analysis, evaluation, interpretation, reasoning, and problem-solving skills that students require to be successful in the natural sciences.

If a test taker has opted to take the ACT Writing section, there is 1 prompt which is timed for a 40-minute period. The Writing section is measuring the applicant’s writing skills at the level of entry-level college composition courses in high school English classes.