How to Become a Chiropractor-Top Schools, Salary and Jobs

Chiropractors identify and treat muscular and skeletal problems, mainly those affecting the back and neck. To become a registered chiropractor, you should complete an accredited chiropractic program. To find out whether this professional direction is fit for you, take a free career and personality test.

There are 18 Chiropractic schools that have received accreditation the CCE (The Council on Chiropractic Education). Admission to these highly reputed educational institutions is very competitive, so you are required to have a strong undergraduate academic record.

Students are first required to acquire 90 credit hours. Around two years of undergraduate education will get you there, and then you may file an application to an accredited Chiropractic School. You should be certain to take all prerequisite courses required for Chiropractic School.

After you have graduated from your Chiropractic school, you are required to obtain licensure from the state in which you are going perform your practices. In practically all states you must take and pass the NBCE (National Board of Chiropractic Examiners) examination before you can receive your license. Most states additionally require you to follow continuing education courses to be able to keep your license.

Accredited Chiropractic Schools

  1. Cleveland Chiropractic College – Overland Park KS
  2. Cleveland Chiropractic College – Los Angeles
  3. D’youville College Doctor Of Chiropractic – Buffalo NY
  4. Life College of Chiropractic West – Hayward CA
  5. Life University College Of Chiropractic – Marietta GA
  6. Logan College Of Chiropractic – Chesterfield MO
  7. Southern California University Of Health Sciences LA College of Chiropractic – Whittier CA
  8. National University Of Health Sciences College of Chiropractic – Chicago IL
  9. New York Chiropractic College – Seneca Falls NY
  10. Northwestern Health Sciences University College Of Chiropractic – Bloomington MN
  11. Palmer College Of Chiropractic – Davenport IA
  12. Palmer College Of Chiropractic West – San Jose CA
  13. Palmer College Of Chiropractic Florida – Port Orange FL
  14. Parker University College Of Chiropractic – Dallas TX
  15. Sherman College Of Chiropractic – Spartanburg SC
  16. Texas Chiropractic College – San Antonio TX
  17. University Of Bridgeport College Of Chiropractic – Bridgeport CT
  18. University Of Western States College Of Chiropractic – Portland OR

Chiropractor Salary

  • Average Salary: $60,120
  • Expected Lifetime Earnings: $2,508,880

The median salary for chiropractors is $60,120 annually (2014), but there are specialists, especially those who specialized in Patient Education and Nutrition Support who will make considerably more, and experience may also add up to better earnings.

Chiropractor – The Job

A chiropractor is a healthcare professional trained to diagnose and treat disorders by using non-surgical techniques that deal with mainly the spine. They traditionally treat lower back pain, neck pain, and other injuries to the musculature system. Chiropractors analyze x-rays in order to locate possible sources of their patients’ pains, nd to make sure there are no diseases or fractures causing their problems.

Chiropractors will receive and maintain their patients’ medical histories and keep records. They will advise their patients on how to exercise and get fit again, on responsible nutrition and stress management, and they advise them regarding recommended treatment. They will evaluate and diagnose their patients’ conditions and perform manual treatments and/or adjustments to their spine or other parts of the body. If possible, they will correct their patients’ musculo-skeletal system. If necessary, they will refer their patients to the appropriate healthcare practitioners.

Chiropractors perform tasks to physically rehabilitate their patients from injuries, specific health issues, or aging. Chiropractors usually consult with their patients and will perform a few exams to be able to diagnose their issues. They will come up with treatment plan, and they will perform chiropractic procedures on patients, which may include physiotherapy and physical adjustments. They will discuss and explain all processes to their patients, so they should possess strong communication skills while customer service skills must be highly developed as well.

Chiropractors should set up a professional but at the same time personal relationship with their patients to ensure return visits at future problems. In some cases, chiropractors run their own small businesses but most are working at healthcare clinics and sometimes they oversee a group of assistants who will perform assignments before the chiropractor will perform his/her duties. Chiropractors must have well-developed communication skills to deal with their team and to be able to guide and direct them. There are also chiropractors who work in teams with other medical professionals in order to provide optimal and as complete as possible care.

Chiropractors are required to keep records of everything they have been administered to their patients to ensure that, when needed, all information can be easily and correctly referred to another medical professional. Chiropractors must possess a Doctor of Chiropractic degree, and have passed an examination as required by their state’s board. Continuing education and valid state licensing are also required.

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