What is an Esthetician

To become an Esthetician you are knowledgeable about the nature and appreciation of beauty, especially in art. To discover if this career is
for you, take one of our quizzes.

In order to become an esthetician, one must attend an accredited school that offers an esthetician diploma. Esthetician and/ or medical esthetician training can be obtained at technical or trade schools, beauty schools, or career colleges. After completing the required courses in the subject matter and numerous hours of clinical experience, graduates can take their state exam which usually consists of written, verbal, and practical segments.

Esthetician Salary

  • Average Annual Salary: $28,840
  • Expected Lifetime Earnings: $1,198,600

Esthetician – Education

Beauty school or cosmetology school has something for everyone who is looking into getting in the beauty industry. People in the industry love their careers because one they are paid well. Two they have high job satisfaction because they help people look beautiful and feel better about themselves and three they get to be creative on a daily basis. To discover if Beauty School is right for you, you can always take a personality quiz/career quiz that will clearly indicate which professional track(s) may be perfect for you.

Beauty schools offer a number of different degrees to be able to find something that sparks your interest. For example, you could focus on hair styling, or be a make-up artist, nail technician, esthetician specialist, or in beauty salon management. Each school is different but beauty schools usually last 10 to 12 months for full-time students or around 2 years for part-time students. The financial commitment depends on the school. There are financial assistance programs available to help you pay for your schooling. Check with the school you plan on applying with to see what programs they provide.

Esthetician – License

You will need to pass your state exams and complete the education requirements in order use what you learned in beauty school in the real world. Most beauty schools will help prepare you to pass the state exams.

Esthetician – Career Outlook

According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS), the cosmetology industry is expected to grow some 18 percent over the coming decade. Having a degree from a top beauty school will only help build your resume. Something also to consider while in school or if you just graduated is to get an internship or enter an assistant program. This will help give you the real world experience needed to get the better jobs in the industry.

Cosmetology Career Options

After you earned your degree from an accredited cosmetology or beauty school, you can pursue a wide variety of cosmetology careers. These positions include Barber, Hair Stylist, Cosmetologist, Hair Color Specialist, Esthetician, Perm Specialist, Manicurist, Nail Care Artists, Salon Manager or Owner, Salon Coordinator Salon Sales Consultant, Sales Representative for Manufacturers or Distributors, Makeup Artist, Fashion Show Stylist, Director of Education, Photo and Movie Stylist, Beauty Magazine Editor Writer, Platform Artist and Educator, Cosmetology School Instructor Owner, Beauty Care Marketing Manager, Salon Franchisee or Salon Chain Management Consultant, Salon IT Expert, PR Specialist for a Beauty Salon or Industry, Research Chemist, Beauty Business Consultant, Beauty Product Designer, or Beauty Trade Show Manager/Director. You see, plenty of specializations to choose from.

How Do I Pick The Best Beauty School?

1. Talk with current students and faculty
2. Talk with some alumni from the school
3. Ask about financial aid and scholarships
4. Find out how many of students pass the State exam each year
5. Find out the job placement rate for recent graduates
6. Does the school offer full or part time course of study

Top Beauty Schools

1. Aveda Institutes

2. Paul Mitchell Schools

3. Empire Beauty Schools

4. Regency Beauty Institute

5. Arrojo Cosmetology School

6. Marinello Schools of Beauty

7. COBA Academy

8. Sassoon Academy

9. Ogle Beauty School

10. EI School of Professional Makeup


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