How to Become a Barber

  • Average Annual Salary: $33,090
  • Expected Lifetime Earnings: $1,252,000

Barber – Education

In order to become a barber, you need to receive training from a barber school. Each state requires different amount study of hours in order to qualify for the state barber exam. Please check with the state you wish to start your practice in for specific hours. Once you have passed the necessary state certification test you will receive your Barber license in the mail shortly after, thus allowing you to

Once you have passed the necessary state certification test you will receive your Barber license in the mail shortly after, thus allowing you to start your barbering practice. You can very well take a career/personality quiz to discover if this profession is the right ticket for you.

Is Barber School Required?

To put it simply…yes! Traditionally you will need to receive around 1500 hours of study/training time to qualify for your state license test. Schooling will also give you the hands on training needed to be a successful barber. You will learn from professionals the hands free techniques that most customers desire. These techniques will help separate you from amateurs who use hair clipper guards. When researching schools make sure the school is licensed by the appropriate regulatory agency.

Barber – The Job

Barbers cut, shape, trim, and taper hair. Barbers first must complete their high school education or have a GED diploma and to become a barber, you will need to have at least a few years of experience in cutting hair. Barbers in general need to be licensed and continue to improve their knowledge of common concepts and practices. Most barbers work under direct supervision and report to a manager or supervisor, but there also barbers that run their own small business.

Barbers not only perform haircuts, they also provide hair styling or other services to their customers. The expression “barber” is in general only used for a small portion of those male hair stylists that are working on men’s shaving, hair cutting and styling, or similar activities.

Barbers are usually very customer-orientated individuals who take also pleasure interacting with their clients while at the same time performing their professional tasks. It is common practice that many clients are returning clients of barbershops, and top barbers generally turn their facilities into a sort of meeting place where conversation plays an important role. To discover if this career is for you, take one of our quizzes.

Generally speaking are barbers draping and pinning cloths around their customers’ clothes. They must work with clean and sterilized scissors, clippers, and combs, and they will cut and trim many types of hair in accordance with their clients’ wishes, instructions, and desired or preferred hairstyle. Barbers are required to keep their work stations clean work and make sure their floors are properly swept.

Income Potential

In the United States the 2014 median compensation for barbers was a little over $30,000 per year, but the level of experience and regional circumstances may impact heavily on these figures. In this profession, job satisfaction is very high for the vast majority of barbers.

Top Barber Schools

1. Cincinnati School of Barbering & Hair Design

2. ABI School of Barbering & Cosmetology of Tribeca

3. Ohio State College of Barber Styling

4. Borners Barber College

5. Texas Barber College and Hairstyling School – Houston

6. Woody’s Hair Styling School

7. The University of Arizona (offers Barber certification)

8. American Barber Institute Inc

9. Kentucky College of Barbering

10. Old Town Barber and Beauty College