Career Cruising – The best ways to use it and why it works

Career Cruising is an online planning tool for career exploration that young adults can use if they want to explore career and college possibilities or to develop a decent career plan. You can access Career Cruising from your home or your school. Why is Career Cruising important? Studies have demonstrated that students who were using the self-assessment of … Read more

Common App – Best Way To Use It

The Common App (common application) is the online college application that you can submit to over 450 universities and colleges in place of the individual application of these schools. Even before you get your ACT results you can get familiar with The Common App, so keep reading. Please bear in mind: The Common App is … Read more

Best ACT Prep Books

This is a post about the best books to help you to get all set for the ACT test. The ACT test is a standardized testing method to produce an objective assessment of the knowledge and skills of the test taker. You can also say that the ACT test measures a test taker’s ability to process new … Read more

RateMyProfessor-Stay Safe & Don’t Blow Your Cover

How safe are you when you leave a negative (but honest) review on the website (RMP)? We’ve been gathering some good pretty good tips from moderators at RateMyProfessor and students who use this website. Just read on find out what you should avoid and how you can use it optimally. Generally, there’s no need to be worried … Read more

Kaplan Nursing

Through the years, Kaplan University has also helped tens of thousands of students advance their nursing careers. Kaplan offers Bachelor and Master of Science in Nursing programs as well as a Doctor of Nursing Practice program. All programs are delivered by highly experienced practitioners and are meeting every employer’s requirements. Kaplan’s flexible programs are geared … Read more

Physicians and career questions

Testing out career alternatives One great strength of clinical education during medical school is allowing students to experience some proxy of what life might be like as, say, a general surgeon or pediatrician. The older we get, the higher the stakes in making a career transition, but the harder it is to acquire those proxy … Read more

Why do foreign students come to America to study?

The Institute of International Education (IIE) has stated that around one million international students are coming to the U.S. to study every year, contributing almost $31 billion to the American economy (academic year 2015/16). Many students from abroad have a part-time job to help fund their education. Ever since 1919, the IIE has been conducting a census of … Read more