What Is Chromatography?

Chromatography, which translates to “color writing,” is the process of separation of colors through a process of dissolving a mixture at different speeds. Chromatography, first pioneered by Mikhail Tsvet in 1900, is one of science’s biggest breakthroughs in terms of the range of processes it can be applied to. This Khan Academy explains the basics of Chromatography, paper, thin layer, size-exchange, column, ion exchange, HPLC, affinity, and so on:

For example, not only can chromatography separate liquid, but it can also separate gas, drugs, proteins, and foods. It can be applied to biotechnology or chemical processing. For this reason, chromatography is one of the most valuable techniques for a wide range of scientific experiments and fields.

However, your experience with chromatography does not need to be tied to wearing a lab coat. Chromatography is applied in many contexts and careers, and it is especially well suited to ink technologies. Paper chromatography, or sheet chromatography, is useful for differentiating the types and colors of pigment used.

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GMAT – How to prepare effectively

Whether you’re in college, preparing for the GMAT testing or you graduated 20 years ago, there are quite a few study tips that you can apply to everyday life. After all, it’s still just time management and a lot of the basic rules apply. Unfortunately, once people finish school, many of them put those stellar time management skills on the back burner. It’s true that if you don’t use it, you lose it, and that can make your life more hectic than it needs to be.

There’s no magic date that you’re a grown-up, and time management skills aren’t innate for most people. Just like getting ready for that big test, succeeding in life requires you to make an effort. Happy hours, movies and responsibilities (like kids) might be calling. Here’s how you can tap back into your Dean’s list side. These tips were shared with us by Coven Celleb from the website Covcell.com that provides information for students about online MBA courses and tips on learning fast and effectively.

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Millionaire Quiz

What is the best job for you? Can you be a millionaire, too? Becoming a millionaire is, for the most part, a matter of mental attitude. Do you think like a millionaire? Take the quiz.  

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