Arts Administration Jobs

To become an Artist and Art Administrator you need to be highly organized and good at problem-solving to make sure that deadlines are

Are you getting bored trying to learn algebra? Are you looking for ways to express yourself? Then you need to consider taking art classes or attending an art program. You will be allowed to express freely your inner creativity. Do you like to take photographs? Photography is then your major. Do you like to draw funny characters of your friends? Sounds like you already got a head start on an animation degree. If you are looking for ways to be creative art school can provide the outlet. To discover if this career is for you, take one of our quizzes.

Artist and Art Administrator Salary

  • Average Salary: $69,000
  • Expected Lifetime Earnings: $2,877,450

What are the different Art degree majors?

You could major in animation, art therapy, video game design, graphic design, photography, fashion design, media arts, and web design.

What kind of career can you have with an art degree?

Your career path all depends on the concentration(s) you chose when studying for your art degree. Becoming an art teacher can fit any of the concentrations you took for your art degree. Being an art teacher allows you to practice and continue your trade and share your passion with others.

Another option is working for an advertising firm to help companies differentiate themselves from their competitors. You will be able to create for example new logos, new packaging, or new commercials.

The internet has created more career opportunities for art majors in recent years. People now need help with website designs, they want to play video games and connect with their friends over the internet, creating opportunities for graphic and web design majors. Whichever your art degree focus is, there is an opportunity to make a living through sharing your creativity. Before deciding an education in this field, you may want to take a profession aptitude and personality assessment to make sure you choose the education and career that will suit you best. Quite a few creative types are also highly interested to get into set and exhibit designing.

Best Art Schools in America

1. The Art Institutes

2. Full Sail University

3. International Academy of Design & Technology

4. ITT Technical Institute

5. Brooks Institute

6. Harrington College of Design

7. Collins College

8. Academy of Art University

9. Strayer University

10. Rasmussen College

Online Art Schools

Can’t make it to class? Try an online art school…

1. The Art Institutes

2. DeVry University (graphic design)

3. Westwood College

4. Full Sail University

5. International Academy of Design & Technology

6. Academy of Art University

7. University of Massachusetts

8. Ashworth College

9. Westwood College

10. Penn Foster Global

Fine Arts Career

A combination of various art-forms like painting, dancing, acting, drawing, music, interior designing, mural paintings, etc is known as fine arts. It is completely talent-based. Previously, not much importance was given to the people pursuing fine arts, but today things are different. Fine arts are being recognized as a career option in many career guides.

With the commercialization of fine arts, various sections of art are coming into existence. This gives us a common platform to follow our artistic ambitions and get paid for it at the same time.

The various career prospects in fine arts can be listed as follows:

  • If you are a professional in art you can work in production houses
  • If you can act well, you can work as a theater actor, or in dramas
  • You can also get a job in advertising industries, or media houses
  • You can work with an interior designing firm
  • You can even work on contract basis, as musician, dancer or painter
  • You may open your own institute where you can teach these art-forms, provided you have done a specialized course in it
  • You may very well become an art critic
  • You can write books on the art-form that you have specialized in

Among all the different career options of fine-arts, these are just a few career opportunities that you can choose from.

Become an illustrator

As an illustrator, you would produce drawings, paintings or diagrams that help make products more attractive or easier to understand.
Illustrator job duties include:

  • making sure the work is completed within set budgets and deadlines
  • consulting with the client and modifying designs if necessary
  • creating illustrations using hand drawing, painting or computer design packages
  • deciding on appropriate styles for the illustrations
  • negotiating prices and timescales
  • discussing requirements with authors, editors or designers

Career Goals For Illustrator:

  • Obtain full-time, part-time, or contract employment where you can utilize your Graphic Arts, Illustration, Photo Editing, and Design experience, and/or your Technical Writing skills in a forward-thinking company environment
  • Acquire a full-time position where you can learn a new skill set, utilize your current skills, and contribute to a reputable organization
  • Have a professional career in toys, movies, video games and comic books.
  • Have a career in: Illustration, Concept Art, Graphic Design, Pinup Art, Toy Design, Portrait Illustration and Photo Editing/Retouching
  • Join a creative and exciting work environment that encourages a fun and diverse interaction with others. An experience that allows for creative growth and displaying skills in an industry based path

It helps if you have the skills to encourage others and to produce periodical rapports, if you have strong training skills, and if you are well-organized, efficient, and capable of working both solo as in a team.

Becoming Arts Administrator

  • Average Salary: $80,660
  • Expected Lifetime Earnings: $3,375,000

Arts administrators plan and organize cultural and arts activities. They work in organizations such as local authorities, arts centers, theaters and regional arts boards. Arts administrator job duties include carrying out general administration, managing budgets and keeping records, organizing security and catering facilities, organizing publicity and ticket sales, negotiating sponsorship and funding, working with local arts organizations,  and arranging venues and artists.

Career Goals For Arts Administrator:

  • Accounting Professional. You need to be well-qualified and result-oriented with over 10 years of successful experience in positions of increasing responsibility and duties. You are a creative problem-solver and marketer, who can see the big picture while never losing sight of details that deliver results as well as a motivated team player with polished communication skills: verbal, written, interpersonal, presentations, and rapport building. You are an enthusiastic self-starter who can boost production, foster efficiency and ensure profitability.
  • You are seeking a position in the technology field to complement your educational and work experience and provide challenges and opportunities for advancement in the Computer Electronics Networking field.
  • You may be searching for a permanent position at a firm that will benefit from your extensive software knowledge, computer skills, and executive administrative experience

Skills Include:

  • taking temporary work, for example with arts festivals.
  • working in front of house or box office in arts centers, cinemas or theaters
  • getting involved with community events such as street carnivals
  • helping with student or community drama productions or concerts

Becoming Animator

As an animator, you will bring drawings or models to life on screen.
Animator job duties include producing 3-D computer-generated (CGI) images, 2-D hand-drawn, or traditional images, stop-frame, stop-motion or model animation, and creating 2-D computer-generated images or productions.

Career Goals For Animator:

  • Finding challenging employment with a design firm or in-house design department
  • Seeking a position that makes the best use of your skills as an Animator with good prospects for growth
  • Find a full-time position as an Animator Technical Artist
  • Secure a job in the animation industry, where you can excel and prove your quality to others
  • Find a job in the Animation/Cartooning field that will enable you to utilize your talents in graphic design and animation, while allowing you to strengthen these talents and enable you to grow as an artist