Architect Job Description

To become an Architect you have strong visual awareness and an eye for detail. To learn if this career path is right for you, take a free career aptitude quiz.

In order to become an Architect, you will need to receive a degree from an Architecture program that is accredited by the National Architectural Accrediting Board. According to the U.S. Department of Labor Statistics, architects earned an annual mean income of $72,550.

Architect Salary

  • Average Salary: $73,090
  • Expected Lifetime Earnings: $3,051,000

Architect – Education

If you want to be an Architect, you must earn an Architecture degree from a school that is National Architectural Accrediting Board accredited. In the U.S. there are 105 accredited architecture programs. Be prepared for a course of study that not only forces you to be creative but also analytical. See if it is the right choice for you and take a personality and career assessment to avoid future disappointment.

Your course work will include topics in engineering, computers, and drawing. In today’s job market experience is the key to help separating you from others. Internships are the best way to gain real world experience. Once you have obtained your Architecture degree you will need to obtain your Architecture license.

Check with the state registration board you wish to obtain your Architecture License from for their requirements to obtain a license. You will also need a National Council of Architecture Registration Board record. Once you have met all the requirements you will need to pass the Architect Registration Examination (ARE). Once all applications are approved you are officially an Architect. Becoming an architect takes a lot of dedication and studying.

What is Architecture?

If you have ever been in downtown Chicago or New York City and just by chance took a look up at the vastness of the buildings surrounding you, you now have an idea of what Architecture is about. Architects are the ones who design and create the structures where people live, work and play. As an architect, your job description would basically be to take the space of your client and create something that is durable, something that is functional, and something that would be considered a work of art. The buildings that you create will stand the test of time.

Architects must creative individuals and systematic thinkers. They create and adapt hand-drawn or computer-modeled designs for structures, buildings, but also for everyday objects. Architects (Architectural designers) not only design buildings, they also are frequently responsible for the design of parks and urban landscapes. Architects mostly work within a company or studio, although some work independently and have their own offices, Architects interact with their client and discuss budgets and their client’s wishes and preferences. They often also have to meet with landscape consultants to examine construction sites and to discuss various concepts within the environment. Architectural landscape designers are increasingly in demand.

Architects will incorporate the client’s wishes, requirements, and comments on concepts in their designs. They have to talk their ideas through with designers and engineers in order to create a concept that is feasible and in line with the client’s wishes and budget. All through the construction process, architects will be monitoring the progress while providing drawings to the construction management team to be sure the work is done in line with their design. Upon completion, architects are required to the structure to ensure it is constructed professionally and in accordance with the clients’ requirements and standards.

Architectural designers must have a college degree in architecture. Additionally, they need considerable relevant professional experience to be allowed entry into the Architect Registration Examination. Architects must possess a well-developed technical knowledge, as well as a fine creativity and imagination.

Tips To Find The Best Architecture School

1. Make sure the school is accredited by the National Architectural Accrediting Board
2. Does the school help and provide internship opportunities?
3. Talk with current students and faculty to find out the strengths and weaknesses of the program
4. Talk with the school to find out what kind of student financial aid can be provided
5. Find out the school’s job placement rate for Architecture jobs for students graduating from the Architecture program

Top Architecture Schools

1. Cornell University

2. Syracuse University

3. Rice University

4.University of Michigan

5. Harvard University

6. Yale University

7. Columbia University

8. California Polytechnic State University

9. Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University

10.Southern California Institute of Architecture