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Algebra 1

The NYS Regents Algebra exam consists of four sections with, in total, 37 questions. All the issues in this exam must be answered. Algebra Part I – This section contains 24 multiple choice questions. For each question or statement, you need to choose best answer or statement. Write your answers on the separate answer sheet that is provided.

Algebra 2

Algebra Parts II, III, and IV – To constructed-response questions you need to write your answers directly in the booklet.

What to expect

For these sections, you must clearly indicate all necessary steps, including diagrams, appropriate formula substitutions, charts, graphs, and so on. You should use the provided information on each question to come up with your answer.

The formulas you could need for solving some of the issues in this exam can be found at a perforated sheet at the end of the exam. Remove it from the booklet and use it when needed.

What does the Algebra Regents exam include?

Algebra 1 is the 2nd math course at high school, and in this part, you will be led through things like systems of equations, expressions, functions, inequalities, real numbers, exponents, radical & rational expressions, and polynomials.

Algebra 1 is primarily teaching students how to consider real world situations in a mathematical way. Word problems are making up a significant portion of this section’s curriculum, and almost every unit includes a form of word problem interpretation. Exponents, something already taught before Algebra 1, are now reviewed and getting applied to various equations. Students are taught exponents’ mathematical laws, and they are now used in exponential equations. The concepts of zero and negative exponents are also explained and applied.

Algebra 1 is the first math class where the concepts of scientific notations as substitute formats for very small or very large numbers are explained and applied. During this part, also the Pythagorean theorem is interpreted and implemented. This provides the mathematical basis for various geometrical concepts that will be taught in next classes. Most curricula also include probability and statistics as supplemental units, but these subjects are usually only addressed briefly.

Algebra Regents Exam – How to use an algebra formula sheet?

You can use an algebra formula sheet that’s provided in the booklet. The formula sheet will be helpful to remind you of the most common algebraic formulas, for example, the point-slope form of a line. You can use these while you’re dealing with the given math problems.

You can best use a formula sheet is when you write as concisely and clearly as possible, and when you’re only including the least possible information to be reminded of the equations and formulas that you need to look up to deal with your exam.

To see what information your formula sheet in including, go through a few practice tests and also check the section of your textbook that deals with the exam itself. Try to learn all the formulas and equations that are also used in your text book’s sample questions, and also those formulas that you need to use for other practice tests. It will save you time on the actual test.

There are times and situations when you are required to memorize the equations and formulas, while on other occasions you are allowed to use a formula sheet during a test. If you need to remember a lot of things, you best do so by writing a lot of problems and solutions by hand, and make sure that you fully write out the equations and formulas, as well as every step you took to get to the solution, and that each time! If you’re in a situation that you’re left with just only limited time to learn, and if you’re allowed to use a formula sheet for the exam, it could be very helpful to include a few examples of how you solved some problems.