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These classes contain video lessons, mini-quiz, and a text. You can also take longer practice tests related to each subject.

ACCUPLACER – Diagnostic Tests

The ACCUPLACER tests are developed by the American nonprofit organization the College Board. This is a member-driven educational organization that includes over 6 thousand colleges, secondary schools, school districts, and universities.

The placement tests included in the ACCUPLACER program are in line with local, state, and national education standards and requirements and offer students highly useful prep tools such as sample questions and free practice tests.

The ACCUPLACER diagnostic tests help teachers, counselors, and study advisors determine if a student is sufficiently prepared to attend academic college courses successfully or if perhaps remedial classes are required prior to enrollment.

The ACCUPLACER tests provide a trustworthy analysis of a student’s weak and strong academic fields so educators can come up with adequate measures to work on the student’s college preparedness to enhance academic performance.

ACCUPLACER tests include multiple-choice questions that have no time limit. The tests cover the academic subject fields Mathematics, Writing, and Reading. Many high schools and postsecondary educational institutions use the tests for proper study advice and correct placement in college courses.

ACCUPLACER’s diagnostic tests help educational institutions to accurately measure a student’s academic proficiency and the tests are often already administered while the student is still in high school so guidance towards success in college can be done in a timely manner.

ACCUPLACER tests are using highly sophisticated computer-adaptive technology (CAT) and the questions students will see are based on earlier answers and skill levels. Responses to questions drive the difficulty level of the following questions so all answers should be given carefully.

ACUUPLACER tests come with different numbers of questions. It depends on which ACCUPLACER test is taken. The number of questions varies and could be 12 questions but also 40. There is no failing or passing the ACCUPLACER tests. It is important, however, to answer all of the questions in the best way possible so your school will get an accurate idea about your academic competencies and skills.

For more than three decades, ACCUPLACER has assessed student preparedness for success in college. The diagnostic tests deliver precise and immediate results so if academic interventions are required, schools can do so in a timely manner and the tests also provide accurate placement and remediation advice.