6 ways to deal with being homesick at college

For some people, college clicks right away, and they never turn back. For others, the college life takes some getting used to, and they end up thinking longingly of going back home for the first several months.

When you first arrive at college, you have to step back and let yourself get used to it before the homesickness will go away. Taking a part-time job may also help and here you can compare your hourly compensation to regular weekly or monthly pay.

If you know my story probably you remember that I finished high school by being schooled so when I went to college I had troubles with feeling homesick, here is what helped me.

That can take a while, though, so here are a few ways to help feel less homesick:

#1: Give your family & friends a call

Your family will be pleased to hear from you, and your friends will love to hear how you’re doing. You can talk about how things are back home, or how you’re doing.

You’ll probably feel a bit better if you talk more about yourself since talking about home might make you miss it more. Instead of talking about the past, think about the future — talk about what will happen the next time you come back.

Other ways to keep in touch will help as well — text messaging, Facebook, instant messaging, and so forth.

#2: Keep yourself occupied

You’ll feel less homesick the busier you are. Spend a bit more time out with people or on your schoolwork. Get involved with some sports or clubs. Not only will this keep your mind off of being homesick, but you’ll also begin to enjoy college more because of it.

#3: Bring reminders of home

Bring pictures of your family and friends, as well as posters and other items from your bedroom back home.

#4: Decorate your dorm room better

If you spend some time decorating your dorm room, you can make it feel a lot more like a home than if it’s bare. Buy some beautiful rugs, comfy blankets, and cool posters, so the room looks more like you want it.

#5: Invite people to visit you

Ask a few friends to stay a weekend with you, if they can. You can show them around your school and the town. It will help you feel more comfortable in your college, plus you’ll be able to share your experiences with your friends.

#6: Plan a trip home

If your homesickness is just too much to bear, talk to your parents and see when the next weekend you can go home is. You should always go back now and then, but be careful about going home too often — establishing yourself at college is much better for you than constantly going home.