15 Unusual & Odd Scholarships You Should Know About

Odds are that you don’t qualify for any of the unusual scholarships that are listed below, but that’s sort of the point.

If scholarships are as bizarre as these exist, then there’s certainly a few (if not many) that you can get. Now go get ‘em. Oh, and double check the ones below, you never know if one might be for you…
1. Duck Tape Prom Dress – Make your prom dress out of Duck tape and you could win up to a $5,000 scholarship.
2. Left Handed Scholarship – Juniata College in Pennsylvania gives out scholarships of $1,000-$1,500 to southpaws that go to school there.

Unusual Scholarships Based on Your Height
4. If You’re Short – $250 to $1,000 for guys 6’2″ and taller and girls 5’10″ and taller.
Just take a look at this video that highlights 30 strange scholarships:

Unusual Scholarships Based on Your Interests

5. Golf Caddies – Evans Scholars not only have a number of residences on college campuses but also give out scholarships to golf caddies.

6. Do You Speak Klingon? – Hard to believe, but if you speak Klingon than a $500 scholarship may have your name on.

7. Knitting – Jimmy Bean’s Wool offers up scholarships based on items that you’ve knitted.

8. Play marbles? – Compete for a few thousand bucks in scholarships by playing marbles.

9. Vegetarians – Two $5,000 scholarships annually.

10. Water Skiing – Multiple scholarships available for water skiers throughout the US.

11. Welding – Do you spend your time welding metal? If so, the American Welding Society has scholarships just for you.

Unusual Scholarships Based on Your Last Name & Ancestors

13. Harvard Has Multiple Choices – Descendants of the Harvard class of 1902 and another 5-10 former alumni can earn scholarships.

14. Scarpinato – Apparently the Scarpinatos of the world get a full-ride for tuition at Texas A&M.

15. Van Valkenburg – The Lambert and Annetje Van Valkenburg
Memorial Scholarship sets aside $1,000 annually for the Van Valkenburgs of the world.